Mooring Systems

From deepwaters to ultra deepwaters, we possess expertise in the Design, Engineering, Construction and Installation of Mooring Systems Including: Catenary Mooring Systems, Taut Leg Mooring Systems, Tension Leg (TL) Mooring Systems, Single and Multi-Points Mooring Systems, Spread Mooring Systems, Single and Multi-Point Buoy Systems, Tower and Turret Systems.

Pipeline Systems

We possess the in-house skills for Design, Engineering, Construction and Installation of Rigid and Flexible: Flowline Systems, Pipeline Systems, Risers and Umbillical Systems.

Deepwater Structures

We have strengths in Deepwater Finite Element Analysis, Design, Engineering, Construction and Installation Solutions in areas including Subsea Foundations Design and Analysis, Dynamic Analysis for Moorings and Risers, Foundations; Anchorage; Protection and Connector Structures for Subsea and Submarine Pipelines, Flowlines, Umbilicals and Risers, Deepwater Installation Analysis.

Structural Engineering and Naval Architecture

We provide solutions in Structural Design and Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Deck Design, Seafastening Design, Lifting Analyses, Rigging Design, Platform and Offshore Design and Engineering, Vessel Modifications.

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